New Harmony Farm

Erin Stack
77 Bridge St
West Newbury, MA 01985

New Harmony Farm is certified organic by Baystate Organic Certifiers.
It is in the Northeast region of Massachusetts



New Harmony Farm is a small family-run certified organic farm located near the banks of the Merrimack river in West Newbury, MA. Although New Harmony Farm is the only certified organic CSA in the Greater Newburyport area (formally Greater Newburyport CSA), our farm goes "beyond organic" through our commitment to permaculture and sustainable design,developing wildlife habitat and biological/ nutrient dense growing practices in pursuit of nutrient and flavor dense, chemical-free vegetables grown in an extremely earth friendly way. Our CSA offers a wide variety of produce that includes "classic" varieties plus heirlooms and unusual hard-to-find varieties. New in 2012 will be a "pick your own" garden of herbs, flowers, and vegetables and a flock of free range chickens for the kids to visit.

While New Harmony Farm grows the most of our produce, in the spirit of mutual support and to maximize share holder selection, New Harmony Farm CSA collaborates with several other local certified organic growers including the Herb FARMacy in Salisbury, and the New Hampshire CSA in Chester, NH in order to bring you the produce we all grow best without the use of chemicals, herbicides, or synthetic pesticides.

New Harmony Farm offers a Summer, Fall and Winter CSA and sells to local restaurants and groceries.


New Harmony Farm offers a wide selection of "classic", heirloom, and hard to find crops and varieties of herbs and vegetables for our CSA shareholders to choose from for their weekly harvest share. Additional herb, flower, berry, and specialty vegetables are also for sale during distribution.


2012 summer harvest shares of certified organic vegetables, herbs, and flowers are available now.

20 week Summer Membership Fee: Large Shares: $625, Small Shares: $400 Share holders will be able to choose from a variety of veggies from farmstand standstyle distribution. Enjoy PYO garden, free eco/farm/food workshops and events at the farm.

2 Distribution Days (3-6pm)

  • Thursdays: New Harmony Farm, 77 Bridge Rd. West Newbury
  • Fridays: Behind First Parish Church, Newbury, 20 High Rd. Newbury